Regal Rug will allow a carpet that is picked up from our warehouse, Monday through Thursday, to remain in the home for a 24-hour trial period.  A valid credit card along with proof of identity must be shown.  If said carpet is not returned within the trial period,  the full amount will be charged to the credit card.  

Carpets that are shipped/delivered to a location must be opened immediately and inspected for damage.  Please report any damage immediately as a claim will be made with the shipper.  As these carpets are first quality, the carpet will be allowed on site for a period of three days.

If the carpet is to be returned, a return authorization (RA) number must first be obtained from us via an  e-mail request prior to the carpet being shipped back and insured by the customer, to our warehouse.  Carpets must be in original condition.  No shipment will be accepted without the RA number, and if an item is returned without the RA number, the account will be charged and a merchandise credit will be issued. 

Carpets sold by Regal Rug are completely made by hand.  Please allow for the nuances associated with a hand-made product.  Sizes will be as close to measurement as possible and may vary slightly,  and variations in the hand-sheared, hand-carded, hand-spun, hand-dyed wool are to be expected. 

Thank you.


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Shipping charges vary widely depending on weight, destination and value.  If you would provide us your zip code when contacting us either at point of inquiry or point of sale, we will provide a shipping charge to the drop-ship location.

Return Policy: